In the wake of COVID-19, Multiplying Good is living our mission: To activate and elevate the power of service to others.


Service offers a powerful solution. It feels good and soothes anxiety. It builds community. It changes lives.


In the coming weeks and months, we will repurpose our time and energy to identify and activate solutions, build community, and recognize good.


Starting with Service From Your Sofa projects to support those impacted by coronavirus that you and your families can do from the safety of your home.

A Unique Opportunity To Make A Difference

Your Gift Multiplies Good

Our donors are the engine that power everything we do. You believe in the power of service to unleash purpose and passion and to instill confidence in one's ability to make a difference. Because of your unwavering commitment to Multiplying Good, we know you believe in building a generation of empathetic leaders and changemakers and in the essential power of recognition to multiply the very best.

70:1 ROI

For every $1 donated, we generate more than $70 of community impact


A month gives five young people confidence in their ability to make a difference and the skills to do it well

Why Service?

Investing in empathetic leaders and changemakers uncovers the true potential of our nation.