In the wake of COVID-19, Multiplying Good is living our mission: To activate and elevate the power of service to others.


Service offers a powerful solution. It feels good and soothes anxiety. It builds community. It changes lives.


In the coming weeks and months, we will repurpose our time and energy to identify and activate solutions, build community, and recognize good.


Starting with Service From Your Sofa projects to support those impacted by coronavirus that you and your families can do from the safety of your home.


Our People Are Our Best Asset

We are experts in service and in caring for our constituents. We are fervent believers that we play the essential role of unleashing potential through service and the recognition of it. 

Maximum Impact

We are in communities all over the country, delivering direct program impact with program partners and youth. Our staffing model allows for maximum program impact - with a dedicated national team delivering powerful curricula and programming and centralizing core functions such as technology, legal, finance and communications.