In the wake of COVID-19, Multiplying Good is living our mission: To activate and elevate the power of service to others.


Service offers a powerful solution. It feels good and soothes anxiety. It builds community. It changes lives.


In the coming weeks and months, we will repurpose our time and energy to identify and activate solutions, build community, and recognize good.


Starting with Service From Your Sofa projects to support those impacted by coronavirus that you and your families can do from the safety of your home.


Service Offers a Solution

We face real problems in our country, and the impact is steadily mounting. We believe the solution lies in creating positive change through helping others. Service reconnects us to one another. It provides opportunities for us to grow as individuals. It transforms us into happier, more active members of society. It creates stronger, more connected communities.


Nearly 43 million Americans suffer from chronic loneliness. Service reconnects people to communities, building connections and networks of support.


50% of CEOs struggle to find employees with the skills that drive workplace success. Service delivers those skills, such as empathy, understanding of difference, project management, communication and results-orientation.


Anxiety and stress are at all-time highs. Service combats depression, increases self-confidence and promotes active healthy lifestyles.


Empathy rates are down by 40%. Service cultivates compassion and commitment to others.                                                                                                                                                                           

We Bring About Change

At Multiplying Good, we deliver value to people through a continuum of activation, training, and recognition. We build confidence in people’s ability to make a difference. We deliver the skills needed to do it well. And we honor and elevate the impact of their service. With this approach, our organization transforms individuals and in doing so enhances the places they work, live and play.

Make an Impact

Every dollar of charitable donation generates $70 of community impact.