The Power of Recognition

Winning awards and getting recognized isn't the point of public service. However, it is a terrific way to get young people excited and engaged. It also helps them build key skills such as presentation skills and public speaking. Recognition is inspiration. Being celebrated by your community and peers not only feels good, it helps fuel individuals and teams to do more - to multiply good.

Any school or non-profit can partner with us to recognize youth for excellence in service using the Jefferson Awards

Honoring Extraordinary Acts of Service

Nominating a young person for a Jefferson Award is a powerful way to multiply the impact of their work, and inspire others to do the same.


  • How does it work?

    Each partner is given access to their own unique webpage, from which people can nominate themselves or others for an award through their school or organization. Each partner will be able to invite judges to review the nominations and select the winners.

    To get started, contact our Director of Youth Programs, Dan Hoffman  at ( to recognize youth in your community for excellence in service.

  • Who can participate in the Youth Service Recognition program?

    Any school or organization working with youth can participate in Multiplying Good's Youth Service Recognition program. All you need are youth engaged in public service! 

  • Is there a cost for offering this program in my community?

    No! There is no cost to participating schools. 

  • Who selects the award recipients?

    You do! Unlike other youth recognition programs, this one is built with you in mind. Once your online portal is set up, you assign a panel of judges to review applications within your portal, select nominees and determine recipients.

  • How do individuals get nominated?

    After your online portal is set up, you will share a link to your nomination portal with your school or community. Anyone can nominate others or themselves using an easy online form!