Taking On New Challenges

We realized the power of service nearly 50 years ago when we saw how it brings people together—locally and nationally— creating lasting impact for all involved. Today, our nation needs that same dynamic force to tackle challenges that have begun to arise in communities large and small. Through service we will grow stronger as a country, and as individuals.

Service Is The Solution

We face real problems in our country, and the impact is steadily mounting. We believe the solution is to get back to creating positive change through service. Service reconnects us to one another, it provides opportunities for us grow as individuals, and it transforms us into happier, more active members of society.


Nearly 43 million Americans 45 and over are estimated to be suffering from chronic loneliness


CEOs say it’s challenging to find employees with soft skills needed to be successful at work.


Anxiety is an all-time high with roughly 18% of the population diagnosed with a disorder.


In the past 30 years, empathy has sharply decreased and narcissism has risen.

We Bring About Change

At Multiplying Good, we deliver value to people through a continuum of activation, training, and recognition: We build confidence in people’s ability to make a difference; we deliver the skills needed to do it well; and we honor the impact of their service. With this approach, our organization transforms individuals and in doing so enhances the places where they work live and play.

The challenges we now face are solved when we become a country of people who care about each other, who champion the needs of those around us, and celebrate what matters most. At Multiplying Good, we believe we can reach our potential. The transformation begins when everyone is eager to serve.

Make an Impact

Every dollar of charitable donation generates $70 of community impact.