Unlocking resources for new entrepreneurs is what Katina Washington is all about. In 2012, she started SHE. Xperience, an incubator program for Black-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in Indianapolis, Indiana. S.H.E. stands for She Has Everything. The name reflects Katina’s desire to educate and nurture friends and neighbors who are venturing into hyper local micro business.

Katina’s own experience as a vendor at local flea markets has enabled her to motivate others in her community, especially women, to initiate their own business ventures. S.H.E. also provides scholarships to young people and grants to vendors who require support.

As for the secret to continued innovation and growth as an entrepreneur, Katina shares her wisdom through the following words.

“Stay focused, continue with your dream, stay in your lane and don’t compare yourself to others,” Washington said. “The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself and that’s it.”

In 2020, our media partner WRTV6 ABC Indiana selected Katina for a local Jefferson Award. Katina’s investment in the economic development of her community is a beautiful example of combining core financial and business skills with service.