Stronger Teams, Happier and More Connected Employees

As the premier awards platform for public service in the country, we elevate your employee recognition to new heights. When you present a Jefferson Award, you acknowledge your employees' accomplishments and connect your brand and workforce to a network of do-gooders across the nation, fostering a sense of community and happiness among your employees.


Of companies credit employee recognition as a primary driver of engagement


Of companies believe employee recognition drives productivity


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  • How do I sign my company up?

    Contact us to get started and find out the different levels of getting involved. The level you choose will determine the number of Jefferson Awards you give.

  • What does your onboarding process look like?

    We make it easy, working with all of our partners to set up the internal structures you need to make employee recognition easy.

  • How do nominations work?

    Grounded in extensive field experience, our recognition platform motivates, rewards and inspires outstanding employee performance. Selection of employee recipients includes building a Selection Committee, using your communications channels to build excitement and driving employees to our easy-to-use nominations platform. Don't worry. We work hand-in-glove with our Champion partners to design a nominations process that makes the most sense with who you are and how you communicate with your employees.

  • How are recipients selected?

    Once you have determined a panel of judges, we help you establish a meeting cadence and help you build your judging rubric. We recommend two core criteria for identifying Jefferson Award recipients:

    • Outstanding Personal Acts: Selectors review outstanding personal acts of courage, vision, dedication, and tenacity. They look for what is moving, unique, and heroic about the nominee and his or her character. 


    • Community Impact. Then they review the measurable impact on the community. Public service is about serving people and communities - and its impact is tangible.
  • How are recipients announced?

    We will work with you to determine the best communications channels and cadence by which to announce your Jefferson Awards recipients and share their stories - with employees, customers and community. We will also explore opportunities to share these stories externally, through press releases, annual reports, your website and social media. Many Champions host a Salute to Service luncheon or gala that deeply embeds employee recognition as core to your organization. Finally, you choose one outstanding employee to attend our Jefferson Awards Ceremony. 

  • Can I nominate an employee for a national Jefferson Award?

    Yes! That is a core benefit of becoming a Champion Partner. Each year, you choose one employee to attend our Jefferson Awards Ceremony where your employee joins hundreds of other amazing individuals from around the country. Your chosen employee competes to receive a national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Service by an Employee.