Greater Boston Chapter Staff
  • Carolina Comella, Executive Director - Greater Boston

  • Brian Holihan, Manager, Programs & Partnerships - Greater Boston


Greater Boston Chapter Board of Advisors
  • Evan Walsh, Harvard Medical School Career Advisor for Graduate Education

  • Greta Meszoely Figayou, Ventures CEO & Managing Partner

  • Jeevan Duggempudi, IBM Consulting Partner, AI and Analytics

  • Jessica Sorgini Broad, Beach Ventures, LLC Partner

  • Jonathan Tower, Arctaris Founder & Managing Partner

  • Kelly Lamb, Raising Multicultural Kids Co-Founder and President

Greater Boston Chapter Programs

Students In Action 

We work with middle and high schools to help youth identify what they are passionate about and build leadership skills.

Community Partners

We partner with organizations and corporations to recognize their employees who excel in service.


We partner with professionals in Greater Boston dedicated to public service and developing their leadership skills.

Greater Boston Chapter Sponsors