Program Goals

The six goals of SIA help youth develop confidence in their ability to make a difference and build the skills to do it well, in the process better preparing them for success in school, work and life.

Prepare: Prepare to serve your community

Investigate: Investigate community needs

Execute: Execute and capacity build high-quality service projects

Reflect: Evaluate success

Share: Tell service stories and expand the mission

Celebrate: Recognize and celebrate excellence in service


Through SIA, youth become experts in service and engage in projects of their own.


Using their leadership skills, youth expand volunteer capacity in their school and community.


With Jefferson Awards, youth recognize their peers and community members for excellence in service.


young people were mobilized by SIA participants to engage in service



Team Based

An SIA team comprised of a diverse group of youth is formed. Each team is supported by an advisor at the school level, by the Multiplying Good program team and by a community-based coach.

Diverse Training Conferences

All teams from a community come together for a fall and midwinter conference. Conferences are designed to support deep engagement between youth of differing backgrounds and beliefs, and build the skills and confidence needed to lead and serve.

Reinforced Learning

Youth meet in teams at their schools at least once a month and ideally each week. Curriculum and content is provided to support youth in planning and executing high-quality projects, recognizing their peers for service and capacity building others in their school to serve.

Reflection, Competition & Celebration

Teams track their impact over time and, at the end of the year, present their accomplishments at Public Service Pitch Day to a panel of community judges who score their impact. The winning team from each community attends Multiplying Good's National Ceremony in DC in June where the national winning team is selected.


Get Involved

Our Students In Action program is active in many communities across the county. Find your community to see if Students In Action is offered near you.