Program Overview 


Multiplying Good’s ChangeMaker program is a series of volunteer, networking, fundraising, and celebration events that take place over a 12 to 16 week period. This prestigious opportunity, offered through our local chapters, recognizes a group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to servant leadership and the potential to truly move their community forward.

Prestigious National Recognition

Acceptance into a ChangeMaker program is by invitation only.

Gain access to valuable continuing education opportunities for ChangeMaker alumni after the program concludes.

Network with Like-Minded Peers

ChangeMaker members join an elite group of rising young leaders committed to making a difference in their community.

Networking opportunities with influential companies and organizations.

Cultivate the Next Generation

Serve as an ambassador for the Students In Action program, arming youth with lifelong skills in
leadership and service.

Empower high school students with tools they need to be successful in college and the workforce.