This story of service comes from Don Alexander, a 2nd Grade Teacher at Carnegie Elementary School.

"I would like to shine a spotlight on my coworker, friend, and personal hero, Dr. Patricia Serdy. Dr. Serdy is the Carlynton School District school psychologist. Tricia has quite literally changed my path as an educator, providing continuous inspiration and support as we try to meet the needs of the whole child.

Tricia is innovative in her approach and should be the model for other psychologists and administrators to aspire to be. Dr. Serdy builds empathetic connections with the students in her care.

She started the Girls Supporting Girls Club in the Carlynton School District, where young women made connections with her and one another. These young women to a person credit her with changing their lives. Following her example, the girls are now helping other, younger, students who are experiencing similar challenges and difficulties. The ripple of hope that Tricia created for these young women is being paid forward. Tricia has saved countless lives and has changed mine.

Dr. Serdy is the most dedicated and professional educator who I've had the honor of knowing. She could go anywhere to practice her profession, yet she chooses to stay in our small school district because she loves the students, families, and community.

Many of our students live in poverty and are experiencing the need for trauma informed care. In our district alone, students speak 19 different languages and often need extensive immigrant and refugee services. Her job is far from easy, and I know that she takes her worries and fears for her students home with her every night.

She is often the only person on the front line, acting alone when students are in their deepest despair and most in need. Despite this, Tricia offers love, support, and (most importantly) hope to young people who need it most. I often describe her as our most valuable employee and irreplaceable. I have never been more sincere about anything in my life."

Thank you, Don, for sharing another story of an amazing person in your community.