From NFL glory to summiting the highest peak in Africa to provide clean drinking water in Tanzania? How does the founder of The Chris Long Foundation, 2018 NFL Payton Man of the Year, and two-time Super Bowl champion, go from football to a life mission of service? Here’s Chris Long’s story.

After conquering Mount Kilimanjaro for challenge and adventure, Chris saw the women and children traveling miles on foot, only to drink from contaminated water sources that often caused waterborne disease in the Tanzanian community. This pivotal moment led to the inception of The Chris Long Foundation, a point of change with clean water as the imperative. The foundation’s impact includes programs that focus on clean water as a nonnegotiable:

  • Waterboys: Athletes and fans joining together to provide clean water in East Africa.
  • Hometown H2O: the Chris Long Foundation bringing their work back to the states by ensuring clean water access in rural American schools and neighborhoods.
  • Conquering Kili: Football legends, military veterans, combat fighters, heroes, and fans climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to provide clean water from wells to the citizens facing educational and health-related barriers due to contaminated water sources.

And even more powerful initiatives and programs spanning around educational inequities. Chris Long was honored by Multiplying Good at the 46th annual Jefferson Awards ceremony, receiving the award for Outstanding Public Service in Professional Sports, to recognize his legacy as a transformative force.