When Giovanna was a senior in college, she experienced a surprise pregnancy. At first, finding help was not easy. With the support of a pregnancy crisis center, she was able to stay in school and learn how to take care of her baby. When her baby, Isabella, was born, the agency continued to help Giovanna with the basic necessities she needed.

Just 6 months after Isabella’s birth, Giovanna started Harper's Heart. As a single mom, Giovanna is giving away diapers, wipes, strollers, baby clothes and more. All of these items are free. As said in her own words, we are all human and need help from time to time.

Since the beginning of Harper’s Heart, Giovanna has been able to help over 500 families during and after the birth of their child. Now, almost five years after starting her non-profit, Giovanna has created a second project, the Closet of Love - A Diaper Bank & Community Closet in downtown Wilmington. This diaper bank and community closet is free for Moms with babies 0-24 months old. The Closet of Love will be open to the public several times a week and plans to expand their hours of operation over time.

Giovanna wanted to honor the many people who helped her when she was in need, and this has been her reason for starting Harper’s Heart. You can watch a short video of her story here.

Service is baked into Giovanna’s DNA and Harper's Heart reflects that. Giovanna believes that Harper's Heart is where service meets love.

In 2018, Giovanna Andrews received a local Jefferson Award from our Media Partner, The News Journal of Delaware. Thank you for all that you are doing, Giovanna!