The Multiplying Good ChangeMaker program allows rising public service leaders to deepen their connections and amplify their impact in their communities. The Winter/Spring 2024 class of this prestigious, invite-only program recently concluded, and we are excited to share highlights from our chapters across the country.


The Greater Boston Chapter of Multiplying Good gathered at Mariel Restaurant in downtown Boston to honor the incredible achievements of its inaugural class of ChangeMakers. These remarkable individuals, including Lina Cañon, Lo Hennessey, Ellen Macaulay, Jake Small, and Lidia Zayas, have ignited positive change in their community, tackling issues including climate change, empowering youth, and equality. Starting their journey at the iconic Boston Museum of Science, they dedicated the year to raising support for Students In Action, engaging in volunteer opportunities, and developing their leadership skills. Their efforts culminated in May 2024 with a prestigious Jefferson Award, marking their transformative impact on Greater Boston. As we celebrate their legacy, we are inspired to join their ripple effect of service and continue rewriting the future, one act of service at a time.


The Pittsburgh ChangeMakers program has just celebrated the phenomenal graduation of its Spring 2024 class. This exceptional group of 12 trailblazers completed an exhilarating 16-week journey, each earning the prestigious Jefferson Awards for their remarkable achievements. As the third annual class of ChangeMakers, Pittsburgh now boasts over 40 leaders committed to service and future leadership. This class is one of our most diverse yet, ranging from educational experts to theater directors, from a recent retiree to a recent college graduate, each one bringing unique skills to create a dynamic class of ChangeMakers.

They are Ryan Dawson, Point Park University 2024 Graduate; Brandon Davis, ACTION-Housing; Dr. Chuck Herring, South Fayette Township School District; Tiffany T. Huff, When She Thrives; Jorden King, University of Pittsburgh; Marsha Mayhak, Crisis Center North; George C. McClure, National Kidney Foundation SWPA; Ariel Meadows, Bridgeway Capital; Jessica Restano, 412 Ductless; Andrea Robinson, ARCLS Corp; Alexis Walker, Office of Mayor Ed Gainey; and Gabrielle Walker, Volunteers for America PA.

Throughout the program, the ChangeMakers embarked on impactful and engaging activities, showcasing their leadership and dedication to community service. They stepped up right away, becoming facilitators and speakers at our Students In Action (SIA) Winter Conferences, and serving as scorers for the nine SIA teams that presented at our End-of-Year Celebration. They also spearheaded an impressive fundraising campaign, raising over $32,000 and exceeding their cohort goal, to support local Students In Action teams. This monumental effort showcases their dedication to driving real-world change and underscores the transformative impact of the program.

The Spring 2024 ChangeMakers have set a new standard for excellence, leadership, and community service. Their extraordinary achievements over the past 16 weeks have enriched their lives and created a ripple effect of positive change in the communities they served. As they embark on their next adventures, the skills, experiences, and passion they have cultivated through the ChangeMakers program will undoubtedly empower them to continue being dynamic agents of change.


The Multiplying Good South Carolina Chapter was excited to graduate 2 classes of ChangeMakers this Spring, in both the Grand Strand and Upstate regions.

In the Grand Strand, 10 ChangeMakers worked diligently from January to May to raise awareness and funds to support Multiplying Good and Students In Action.  Some of the activities they participated in included volunteering at our Grand Strand SIA Leadership Conference, the Myrtle Beach Marathon, a Myrtle Beach Pelicans Baseball game as well as fundraising and awareness events at both Taco Mundo and the Crazy Mason Milkshakes.  Their graduation took place on May 22 in a celebration of the amazing work they did to raise awareness and almost $22,000 for Students In Action, each receiving Jefferson Award Recognition. They are Eric Rivenbark, Coastal Carolina University; Mitchell Martin, Dayton House Resort; Casey Garavito, PAR Physical Therapy; Carla Pielmeier, CareNow; Jessica Yourko, Santee Cooper; Sarah Jackson, Four Star Plumbing; De’Ebony Hartsfield, Pegasus Residential; BJ Beaver, Partnership Grand Strand; Tocha Moore, Keller Williams Realty; and Brantay Cohens, Georgetown County Schools. At their graduation, Mr. Mitchell Martin and Mr. BJ Beaver were invited to join the Grand Strand Advisory Board.
The 8 members of the Upstate ChangeMakers 2024 class made significant contributions to Multiplying Good and Students In Action between February and June.  A few of their activities included the Upstate SIA Leadership Conference, a Greenville Swamp Rabbits Hockey Game, the Greenville Market and a fundraising and awareness event at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza.  Their graduation took place on June 10 and they were celebrated with a Jefferson Award Recognition for their efforts to raise awareness and over $18,000 for SIA. The class included: Rick Erwin, Rick Erwing Dining; Joy Kamees, United Bank; Briton Briley, Ghost Brands; Whitney Wright, ReGenesis Health Care; Mark Scully, Quinn Residences; Rose Davis, Rebuild Upstate; Jensine Reader, The Source Unlimited; and Asa Briggs, Briggs Psychiatry & Behavioral Health. At their graduation, Ms. Rose Davis and Mrs. Joy Kamees were invited to join the Upstate Advisory Board.
Thank you and congratulations to all ChangeMakers!