When you think of service to others, you might not immediately think about voting, but did you know that voting is a great way to bring people together, empower communities and is a common step we can all take towards addressing the issues we care most about? No matter what you believe or whom you support, exercise your right to vote.

How can you stay active in our democracy and become a part of the political decision-making process? Check out the list below for some great ideas. Whatever you do, make sure to follow state and local Covid-19 guidelines and stay safe!

  1. BE INFORMED. Educate yourself on current political events. Read the news, find reliable sources, and recognize the biases and limitations of your sources. As you go, continue building your own opinions and use what you learn to make informed decisions.
  2. COMMUNICATE & GET OUT THE VOTE. Regardless of voting status, you can voice your opinions on social media, in the classroom, or on other public forums. Start having meaningful political conversations! Check out the Ask BIG Questions Guides for ideas on initiating interesting conversations and connections. Whether it's asking questions at the dinner table, incorporating political events into your course curriculum, or launching a political campaign, open that political dialogue and listen to what others have to say. Below are some ways to engage your community.
    • VOTEFEST! Make voting social and celebrated! Get your friends and family and plan a votefest!
    • +1 THE POLLS Every election is important. Make voting easy by bringing polling places to your college campus.
    • #VOTETOGETHER Help turn voting into a celebratory, inclusive community event.
    • SIGN UP TO BE A POLL WORKER! Is your state still desperate for poll workers? Help democracy thrive by making it easy for others to vote!
    • PROTECT THE VOTE AS A NON-PARTISAN POLL MONITOR Help make sure every eligible voter is able to vote in this election by combating voter suppression.
  3. MAINTAIN THE MOMENTUM. Action on democracy goes beyond the 2020 election! Get involved in the elections from local city and state public officials all the way to national campaigns. Engage your school in voter drives and contact elected representatives about issues you care about. Advocate, create media and newspaper articles, or develop a policy proposal! Let’s keep the momentum going!

Let us know what you are doing to engage in this election and future political events! Download this graphic, check the boxes that represent what you’ll do and share it on social media tagging @MultiplyingGood and #GetOuttheVote!