Jessica Ladd is the Founder of Callisto, a nonprofit creating technology to combat sexual assault, support survivors, and advance justice. Callisto’s website provides survivors with the information they need to make the reporting decision that is right for them and allows survivors to privately learn whether others have been victimized by the same assailant. When Callisto finds a serial perpetrator, they connect each survivor with their own free attorney - a Legal Options Counselor - who helps their client explore their options and (if they wish) coordinate action with other victims of the same perpetrator. Jess is a Skoll Awardee, a Senior TED Fellow, an Ashoka Fellow, and the co-founder of The Social Innovation Lab in Baltimore. She has worked in the sexual health space since age 16 (as an educator, advocate, entrepreneur, and researcher), and holds a BA from Pomona College and an MPH from Johns Hopkins.