Formerly known as the Jefferson Awards Foundation; organization was founded in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft Jr., and Sam Beard as a national platform to recognize and multiply public service

Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Jimmy Carter, Billie Jean King, Peyton Manning, Target Corporation, and thousands of other changemakers are among the 62,000+ heroes that have been recognized by the Foundation for their commitment to improving local communities

The nation’s leading nonprofit organization that is focused on fueling personal growth and leadership through public service has officially changed its name from the Jefferson Awards Foundation to Multiplying Good. This strategic rebrand will better position the entity for continued success in its efforts to inspire, activate, and recognize individuals initiating positive change in their communities.

“Many know us as the awards platform founded by Jackie Kennedy, Senator Bob Taft and Sam Beard, that has for almost 50 years been the country’s most prestigious honor for public service,” said Hillary Schafer, Multiplying Good CEO. “However, we are so much more than that. We know public service offers a powerful pathway for individuals to tap into their own potential. We understand that to do it right, we need to connect them with their own service passions, unleash confidence in their ability to make a difference, deliver the skills to do it well, and then recognize them and tell their stories so others can be inspired.”

The refreshed brand name and identity are timely, driven by societal need and designed to exemplify the inherent values at the organization’s core. It positions Multiplying Good for ongoing success and growth beyond its admired awards – though the Jefferson Awards name will be retained for its recognition platform, which multiplies positive impact through celebration and storytelling of the best in service nationally, locally, and in the workplace. Included within the rebrand is a new logo, design palette, online presence, and an advanced strategic focus that builds upon the organization’s original foundational goals.

“Even as partisanship and societal conflict currently divide us, we believe service is a consistently powerful tool to unite and help individuals discover their true potential,” continued Schafer. “Multiplying Good transforms individuals through service and multiplies the good they create. We are extremely excited to invigorate our base and empower the next generation of community leaders.”

“We’ve long-believed that everyone has the capacity to develop, lead, and magnify extraordinary acts of service that produce positive change,” said Sam Beard, Co-Founder, Multiplying Good. “We help them accomplish this in a number of ways, including in-depth leadership training and development for youth, celebrating organizations through corporate partners, and recognizing local changemakers across the country through our many established media partners.”

Multiplying Good’s main programmatic areas include the following:

  • Youth – Multiplying Good concentrates on building confidence and developing key skills for youth leaders through programs like Students In Action. The organization has an expansive and rising network that includes 30,000 youth who have received in-depth training over the past decade and have in turn engaged hundreds of thousands of their peers. This happens through an extensive support structure encompassing training, technology, and a continuum of caring adults. The organization has set a bold strategic goal to deliver this to over 1 million young people per year.
  • Champions – By partnering with organizations to celebrate their employees, Multiplying Good fosters positive workplace relationships, comradery, inclusivity, compassion, and caring amongst employees. Happier associates and cultures connected to purpose are proven pathways to strengthen corporate retention, recruitment, and employee efficiency. Multiplying Good's Champions program reaches 7.1 million employees.
  • Media Partners – The organization believes strongly in the power of the media to inspire good, especially in local communities. Multiplying Good works with Media Partners to strengthen ties to their communities through compelling and powerful storytelling. Our passionate Media Partners enable audiences to nominate individuals and provide a platform to recognize grassroots unsung heroes in their hometowns. By providing recognition and a platform for these individuals, we multiply the positive impact they can deliver. Today, this network reaches 100 million Americans per year and has given more than 62,000 Jefferson Awards to grassroots unsung heroes.

“Our organization is ready for the future and to our ever-growing role in making service central to transforming individuals and driving ripples of change,” stated Schafer. “We are Multiplying Good.”

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About Multiplying Good

Multiplying Good is a national nonprofit that channels the power of public service to unleash potential in individuals. For nearly 50 years, they have honored those who build better communities, trained young leaders, and activated individuals and organizations to multiply the impact they can deliver. Through a continuum that starts with engagement and culminates in celebration, they fuel personal growth and multiply the power of service to others. Through recognition, they inspire individuals and those who hear their stories to deliver greater positive change. You can learn more about the organization by visiting or engaging with their online communities via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.