Investing in Youth

Corporations, large and small, across the nation partner with Multiplying Good to empower youth to make a positive impact on issues they care about and harness their purpose and passion to build a brighter future. Organizations provide financial support and play an active role in the delivery of our programs - with skills-based opportunities for employees as coaches, mentors, volunteers, judges and trainers.


funds three trainings and all technology for a community for a year


sponsors one team of youth leaders and changemakers


recognizes exceptional youth at The Jefferson Awards in Washington, D.C.


  • How do I sign up my company?

    Contact us to get started and find out the different levels of getting involved. 

  • Can I sponsor more than one school?

    Of course! We encourage you to sponsor as many schools as you'd like. 

  • Can I target my support to a specific community or school?

    Yes. You can target all the way down to the school level.

  • How do trainings work?

    We host three trainings per year per community - a Fall Conference, a Mid-Winter Conference and Public Service Pitch Day. We are always looking for partners to provide training space and provide employees to support trainings as coaches, judges, mentors and general volunteers.

  • Can I get my employees involved?

    Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage it - offering skills-based volunteer opportunities. In our model of deeply supported service, we rely on community partners to serve as team coaches and support our youth as their learn.

Become a Youth Partner

Our partners are united by a shared belief that all youth should have confidence in their ability to make a difference and the skills to do it well. Partner with us to connect youth to their peers and the community, empowering them to be leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and active global citizens.