How it Works

While nominations are open year round, nominations for the 2023 Jefferson Awards are open until January 17, 2023.  Any nomination received after that date will be held for consideration in 2024. Our Board of Selectors is then tasked with voting for finalists.

Who Can Nominate

Everyone is invited to submit a nomination for one of seven National Jefferson Awards categories each year. Other national level awards are determined programmatically and are not open for public nomination or selection.

The Selection Process

The Board of Selectors votes to determine national award recipients. Our Selectors are chosen for their commitment to public service and span age, occupation, and point of view. They represent the diversity and individualism which is the hallmark of this country.

The Award

Recipients of a Jefferson Award receive a medallion of gold, silver, or bronze. Gold medallions are awarded to National recipients. Silver and bronze medallions are presented to individuals recognized locally.

Nominate an Individual or Organization

Honoring those who put others first elevates and empowers them as individuals and organizations, and inspires others to do the same.


Nominations for 2023 are now closed.

National Awards Categories

National Jefferson Award Winners

The rich history of the Jefferson Awards is marked with the names of many notable individuals — those who helped to establish the organization as well as those we have recognized across the years.