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Students In Action

Youth service, leadership training and recognition program that gives teenagers confidence in their ability to make a difference and the skills to do it well.

Youth Leadership Training

Empowering young people involved in service to maximize the impact of their efforts.

Youth Service Recognition

Recognizing young people for outstanding service to others with Jefferson Awards.

A Proven Path for Purpose & Impact

Through service, our programs give young people the real world skills they need to succeed and grow as individuals. Young people who engage with our programs go on to be leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and impactful global citizens.


Our hands-on approach to skills development supports young people in growing as leaders over time. Young people start by learning about personal responsibility and become leaders amongst their peers.


We engage a diverse group of young people from a range of backgrounds and beliefs to widen their circle of concern and understand how to interact with those who are different than they are.


Young people learn about investigating community needs, building partnerships and engaging their peers. They develop networks of support that enable them to deepen and expand their impact.


Young people gain core 21st century skills that are essential for workplace success. These include communication, collaboration, project management and results-orientation.

Partner with Us

To learn about how to work with us on youth programming, contact our youth programming team.